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Design & Drill® T-Rex


Design & Drill® Bolt Buddies® Rocket


Click & Create™ Magnetic Activity Blocks


Design & Drill® Marble Maze


Dive & Soar™ Magnetic Activity Blocks


Design & Drill® Bolt Buddies® Race Car


Bridge & Learn™ Magnetic Activity Blocks


1-2-3 Build It!™ Rocket-Train-Helicopter


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"Construction is intricately linked to mathematics, so an early introduction will have multiple benefits" 

Grumpy Gramps

The importance of construction toys...


According to Gwen Dewar, PhD, “There is another way to have fun with construction toys, and it might help children develop a form of non-verbal intelligence that is crucial for achievement in many STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. The ability to visualise three-dimensional objects. The ability to imagine and manipulate spatial information in your head. This alternative type of play is called structured block play, and it’s what happens when children try to recreate a construction by consulting a model or blueprint. Kids must analyse what they see, perceive the parts that make up the whole and figure out how the parts relate to each other. To be successful, they may also need to think quantitatively — to count. And it helps if kids can imagine what an object would look like from another angle.”Something as simple as stacking and knocking over blocks allows little ones to discover construction, maths and science concepts, including shapes, gravity, balance and counting.  

Here at Groovy Granny, we have carefully constructed (sorry, couldn't resist!) a range of fun and practical construction gifts for all ages.