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Kids Trolley suitcase - ROBOT


Kids Trolley suitcase - DINOSAUR




1-2-3 Build It!™ Rocket-Train-Helicopter


Pia The Fill & Spill Piñata™


Carlos The Count & Pop Cactus™


Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog®


Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog® Fidget Friend 


Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog®


Maisies Top Toy

Maisie's Top Toy For 2 Year Old Boy

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"Boys love to play because its fun,  but as important is how playing will help develop their mental development as well"

Grumpy Gramps

How They Play: 2-Year-Olds

From the age of  2, toddler's interests and skills are developing at an astonishing rate! All the new things they start to learn: walking and talking, exploring the world around them and of course, making friends, are fuel for imagination and creativity. This is also when  two year old children start to use props to mimic siblings, parents and other family members. Helping Daddy fix the fence or planting flowers in the garden with Granny, every new day is an adventure for your two year old.  By the age of two, children will start to introduce role play and personal interaction into their play patterns. Dolls and cuddly toys will become every two years olds friend in play scenarios! 

Making the right toy choice for a 2 year old boys

Some recommendations to support the above play patterns: 

  • New Sprouts® Grow It! 
  • Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog™ Rainbow Stackers
  • Farmer Market  food sorting set 
  • Numberblocks One And Two Playful Pals